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Colour Buddy Concept

Changing the way we invest in people through the Colour Buddy Concept.

Mike Harman

My name is Michael Harman and I’m the creator of the Colour Buddy concept and the Imagination Pictures.  


After many years on working on my large portfolio, educational products and fictional books I am at a stage in working towards helping to put back into society/community. Although I have given away pieces of artwork to charities, my main idea is to use my artwork/products to help create change in our greed ridden world.


I am looking for partnerships in the hope to create change from the ground up, instead of the impossible of waiting for change from government down. Our country is held together by its people, who deserve better, and many need our help.


Let us all work towards a better world, with less greed and more help for the poor and most vulnerable.  

Mike Harman


Patrick Parmar

My name is Pratik Shashikant Parmar, Visualiser and Designer


And while a lot has been done, a lot remains to be done.


As I traveled through the various stage of life, I realised that something in this life requires change, which is unquestionably required for mankind in this universe, Which is achievable when one individual being starts to think and act with love; This movement in the cosmos of spreading love to humanity can create a new way of life.


While discovering that we are all connected continues to fascinate me in both my academic and social life, I became acquainted with Mike Harman and the Colour Buddy Concept, which inspires people to serve the community; I believe this concept should be present in almost all fields.

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106, Old Park Avenue,

Canterbury, Kent, The United Kingdom,


+44 7464 388 940

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